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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Natural Pet Care with Young Living Essential Oils

Natural Pet Care with Young Living Essential Oils

Veterinarians and pet owners are just starting to discover the amazing benefits of essential oils for pets. Essential oils can cleanse minor wounds, abrasions and lacerations, they can help control fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes without toxic effects, they can provide respiratory and urinary tract support, soothe joint pain, and calm stress, fear, anxiety… all without toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients. Whether your best friend is in need of a pet bath, a mood boost, or suffering from minor skin irritation, Young Living has a healthy, natural, pet-friendly solution.
It is important to note that 100% pure essential oils must be utilized. One essential oil can works for many different situations because each oil contains several constituents. For example, Lavender is often used for calming. Lavender also is antimicrobial and works well on cuts and minor abrasions; it promotes tissue rejuvenation and healing, and it often acts as a flea deterrent.
RECOMMENDATIONS – A multitude of essential oils can be used on pets. The information below will highlight 5 products from Young Living; Purification Essential Oil, Peace & Calming Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil,  Animal Scents, and Thieves Household Cleaner. **Never underestimate the power of a small amount of any essential oil. More is not necessarily better. I must CAUTION you should NOT use regular store-bought essential oils on your pets as they are not pure and could case great damage to your beloved companion. The purpose of this information is to give you information for alternative products for the health and well being of your pets.

I. PURIFICATION- is a blend of essential oils that is useful for eliminating odors (skunk spray and urine) and can assist with flea and tick prevention.  (Recommend a 1:5 or 1:10 dilution with carrier oil when using on cats.)
~Add 10-15 drops into a small container of baking soda and sprinkle on your carpets- let sit for a few hours. Will neutralize odors and freshen carpets naturally without any chemicals that can potentially affect our furry friends!                                                              
~ Add 10-15 drops into a small (4-6oz) spray bottle, fill with water and use to freshen air; neutralizes odors and kills bacteria and airborne viruses.
~Apply purification to ticks to make them back out of the skin. Apply a drop or two on a bee sting to relieve swelling.
~For ear mites in cats and dogs – dilute -1-2 purification and peppermint with 1 tsp of carrier oil (olive, coconut etc...) use a swab and apply to inside of ear.
Below are stories from pet owners who use purification:

1) Purification for flea/tick prevention (from Monica R.)

I was ecstatic when I found out that Purification could be used as a flea & tick preventative. Not only did I dislike putting Front line on my dogs (nervous of the chemicals) but that stuff is so expensive. I can use the Purification more often and it's much more cost effective. So far so good, no sight of fleas & ticks! I apply a drop or two between the shoulder blades about once a week during spring & summer and then during fall & winter I apply a drop about once a month. So far I've not seen one tick or flea on either of my dogs.

2) The dog's fleas have fled (from Julie H.)
I found a flea on my dog that is on a regular medication for fleas. It has been a particularly bad year for fleas and the vet recommended having her ‘dipped’. I didn’t want to do that. I made a concoction of 20 drops Purification and a 1:1 ratio of rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. I put one drop on the dog between her shoulder blades and sprayed the mixture on her bedding, our rugs, carpets and furniture. I haven't seen any fleas or evidence of them since!

3) Getting annoying smell out of concrete (from Vicki D.)
We had an annoying urine smell in our basement laundry room. We tried and tried to locate the origin of it and finally determined it was in an area of concrete that we had put an old bathroom rug down for padding, but has since been removed. In one of our floods, it seems the urine must have been in the old bathroom rug and into the concrete. After trial and error, we found Purification dripped right onto the concrete area where the smell is finally took away the smell. YEAH!!!!

4) Skunk smell gone with Purification (from Leslie D.)
Our neighbor's dog was sprayed by a skunk and was unable to eradicate the odor. So we used a one time application of Purification oil blend and the odor was gone!

5) Purification does what chemicals can not for fleas (from Tracy S.)

I was not a 'believer' of using essential oils, but I am now. My son adopted a stray cat and began feeding him. We have three large dogs, so the cat could not come into our house. The stray was plagued by fleas, unbeknownst to us, and each time we pet him, and then came inside- we brought quite a few fleas in with us. It wasn't more than a couple of weeks, when we had a flea infestation in our house. I bombed the house, and applied front line($$), bathed all 3 dogs numerous times, but the fleas never went away.
I had to tell my 5 yr old son, that he couldn't pet his cat, or get near him, because of the fleas. My one dog Marley actually is highly allergic to fleas, and had to be put on steroids.($$$) I had to bomb the house again, and bathe the dogs 3 more times. I was also being bitten, and couldn't sleep. My sister told me to try Purification, and I was skeptical, but at my wits end. I put 2 drops on the necks, and butts of the dogs, diffused it, and actually put 2 drops on the cat’s neck. The FLEAS WERE GONE IN 2 DAYS!!!!! I apply Purification about every 2 weeks to everyone. A side note- the cat now has a beautiful shiny black coat, the discharge is gone from his eyes, and he hasn't been sneezing like he was before. My son is happy- he can pet his cat again, and my house is back to normal. Thank you Purification!

6. Cat urine odor is gone (from Cyndi M.)

Had a very sick cat that urinated on my bedding and pillows. Sprayed everything down well with several drops of Purification in a spray bottle filled with water and the next day hauled everything to the Laundromat. Added 10 drops of Purification to both the wash and rinse cycles and put several drops on a washcloth which I added to the dryer. All cat odors are gone, even from my down pillows.

II. PEACE & CALMING- is a blend of essential oils that is useful for easing anxiety, separation issues, stress and fear. (Not for CATS! Great on kids & adults)
 ~ Apply 1-2 drops of Peace and calming on your wrists or hands, and then pet your animal to calm it down. Oils may also be applied to the back of the neck or to the paws.  (Only 1 method of application is necessary.) Another option is to apply a drop to the back of your Dogs collar or bandana. For cats use a 1:10 dilution.

Below are a few stories from pet owners who use peace & calming:

1. Calming a dog (from Judy H.)

While traveling, our dog was all over the van and barking. I told my son to put Peace & Calming on the bottom of all four paws. Within a minute, the dog laid down in my lap

2. Nervous dog controlled by Peace & Calming (from Sondra G.)

I use Peace & Calming on my kids. I tried it on the dog when he went nuts about a lawnmower outside. He calmed down and now I use it on the all- the kids and the dogs, too!

3. Peace & Calming relaxed my dog (from Shelley D.)

I had my beautiful golden retriever spayed at 6 months old. She is by nature very calm and gentle. Of course the surgery and stitches were upsetting to her, so to help keep her calm through the first night and 2nd day, I misted Peace & Calming around her whenever she got restless. This allowed her to get the rest and sleep her body needed to heal quickly from the surgery. To spray the mist, I bought an inexpensive glass perfume purse sprayer at the drug store, almost filled it with spring water, and then put in about 3 drops of Peace and Calming. That was it, and it worked great.

4. For the anxious or fearful pet (from Darlene J.)

As a vet tech it’s my job to assist the doctor in holding and calming the pets for their exam. I have found that just a touch of Peace and Calming or Valor on my wrists works wonders in making our nervous patients more relaxed. In fact, I have discovered that diffusing these oils during a thunderstorm is very soothing for my animals. Best of all, it doesn't matter if it is my 4LB poodle or my 1200LB horse, they all respond to the wonderful aroma and calming properties of these oils.

5. Peace and Calming to the rescue! (from Jenny L.)

I have been wearing Peace and Calming in a diffuser necklace at the local animal shelter where I volunteer every Monday. I have found that certain animals will press their faces right into my necklace as long as I stay where they can reach it. I see such a difference in these animals so much that sometimes they try to follow me out the door when I try to leave their rooms. I now keep Peace and Calming in my practitioner's office so that when a stressed out animal comes to see me I am ready for them!

III. LAVENDER- is an essential oil that is calming and helps ease tension and promote relaxation. It may help ease skin irritations. Apply to minor abrasions and burns to help disinfect and promote healing.  Lavender Oil is a natural insect repellent. Lavender will work to repel fleas, ticks and other insects. (It will not kill them.) Application is the same as peace and calming. Safe for all animals. (Adults, kids and babies too)
Below are some stories of how pet owners use lavender:

1. Lavender helped allergic rash (from Vallea R.)

Lavender oil really helped support my new poodle pup suffering from horrific allergic reaction to flea spit. I diluted 50/50 and rubbed on affected areas. The itching and licking stopped plus the redness, swelling is gone. And he smelled so wonderful while detoxing from awful chemical flea killers

2. Help the animals (from Burnelleane E.)    

I use Lavender oil on my cats. It helps the animals coat but also helps keep them flea clean. since they are in/out cats this is a great help.

3. Skin Irritation in Dogs and natural flea prevention in my home (from Ann B.)

One of the most common causes of skin irritation and scratching in dogs is fleas. I use Lavender oil to sooth irritated skin and also help to prevent infection. Simply add 5-10 drops of Lavender oil to your dog’s shampoo and shake. You may also use a lavender spray and mist your dog before you go out on a walk. I also add drops of Lavender oil to my carpet shampoo solution. These are just some ideas to repel fleas using Lavender.
IV. ANIMALS SCENTS SHAMPOO- cleans, protects, and conditions your pet's coat without the harmful ingredients often found in pet care products. This all-natural shampoo contains five powerful essential oils, which are blended to gently cleanse, increase luster, and enhance grooming.

1. Animal Scents pet shampoo helped fire ant bites

I winter in North Carolina from Michigan. My peek-a-poo dog dug up a huge mound of fire ants just after we arrived, thinking it was just a good soft place to dig. They were everywhere on her and she got about 15-20 bites on her tummy and hind quarters. She itched so badly she lost most of her fur (and she is one fuzzy dog) I didn't know how to help her. I had received the animal scents pet shampoo just before I had left and decided it was worth a try for she needed a bath anyway. What a difference! Soon as she dried thoroughly she had stopped itching. She acted so relieved. Her fur stopped falling out and she smelled so good on top of it all. In a week or so I could see new growth of healthy hair and she was a happy dog again. Now, that is the only shampoo I use on her for all the others, no matter how fancy a brand, make her itch after she dries and animal scents shampoo does not. The clean scent lasts about 2 weeks on her too which makes me a happy dog owner.

2.  I love animal scents shampoo (from Evelyn.)
I use Young Living’s Animal Scents Pet Shampoo. Not only does he smell terrific but the scent of the pure essential oils keeps flea’s and ticks away. He loves being groomed, and actually loves having a bath, which he gets once a month. I would think that having a bath that often with these products contributes greatly to keeping those nasty insects off of him.
V. ANIMALS SCENTS OINTMENT- is blended with Melaleuca alternifolia and myrrh, two of nature's most powerful essential oils. It is a protective and soothing salve formulated for external use on animals. Typically used for minor skin irritations, cuts, and abrasions, the rich blend of ingredients is effective yet gentle and safe, so you can soothe your pets without using harmful chemicals or synthetic products.

1. Cracked paw pads (from Nicole B.)

Two weeks ago, I was due to go visit a client and work with her dog. When I got there, she informed me that her dog had been lame for hours, and she was unsure if we would go ahead and work with her. I inspected her paw pads and feet, and discovered that one paw pad had a pretty deep crack in it.
We took out Animal Scents, and slathered her foot with it, making sure to get it in the crack. I rubbed her foot, and her leg up and down to get the circulation going. 20 MINUTES LATER, she was no longer lame! Because she now applies Animal Scents every day, the dogs paws are soft to the touch and don't crack. Using Animal Scents before you take your dog out in winter also helps protect their feet against the salt and elements.

2. Animal Scents helped with cat's ear (from Nicole B.)

Several weeks ago, I noticed that my cat Vinny had scratched off a patch of fur on his ear. Upon closer inspection, he had what looked like bite or scratch marks on his ear, and they had bled. He and my other cat play pretty rough! It wasn't bleeding anymore by the time I noticed it, but I grabbed the Animal Scents and started putting it on. Later that day, I noticed he wasn't scratching at his ear anymore. The next day, the sores were almost gone. On the third day, not only were they completely gone, but the hair started to grow back on his ear!
VI. THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER- is a “green” multi-purpose cleaner. This ecologically friendly, plant-based cleaner contains Thieves essential oil blend plus additional therapeutic-grade lemon oil for extra cleaning power. The Thieves Cleaner is very highly concentrated and is very cost effective. Use this cleaner to clean and wash floors, counter tops, sinks, toilet bowls, pet cages and crates, refrigerators, ovens, stove tops, porch cleaning, wiping down outdoor furniture, horses, dogs, carpet spills, fruit, pet dishes, and so much more!  The scent is so delicious! It safe for you and your family (pets included) and is good for the planet.
1. I love Thieves cleaner! (from Allyson)                                                                                           I use thieves cleaner (and purification) to remove the odors and stains in my basement as a result of my 4 dogs. It works wonderful and is safe for my kids and all of my pets. When I clean with it my entire house looks and smells clean! I use it on every surface of my home, in the barn, and even in my car.
2. You never have to worry with Thieves Cleaner. ( From Jana) 

3. Thieves Cleaner-WOW! Thieves Household Cleaner and cat urine odor . (from Katrina)

Living with three cats means there are pee accidents from time to time. One of my cats also likes to mark territory in the house. If you have cats you know what that can smell like. I've used commercial products claiming to remove the smell, but none has worked as well as Thieves Household Cleaner! I'm so relieved to have found something that removes the odor!

Yours in Health, Ann 

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